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Greetings! Happy March!! Industry expert Jordan Wirsz just published a piece on Inman.com that we found very interesting. He says that we are likely to see some ebbs and flows in the real estate market for the remainder of 2016 and 2017, and we may even experience a mild recession, but investors can nevertheless expect significant ...

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Greetings! Happy March!! Industry expert Jordan Wirsz just published a piece on Inman.com that we found ...

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    "A quick note about our exceptionally smooth, positive, even fun time selling our upstairs flat... We were ready to sell our 1911 Edwardian upstairs flat as a TIC in the Lake District. How to choose an agent? We were looking for an agent who understood our unique sale. We live in the downstairs flat, have no intention of every leaving and were looking for more than a buyer. We were looking for partners. We interviewed a half dozen top agents in the city. Julie Reber was a friend from the corner coffee shop. We knew she was a real estate agent but thought it better not to mix business with friendship. One day just as we were about to make a decision on an agent, we told Julie we were selling but hadn't asked her to be our agent because we were friends and neighbors. She looked me in the eye and said, "Most of my clients are my friends!" She asked for an opportunity to pitch her work, to be considered. We agreed. The rest is one of the best real estate stories in the world! She was attentive, available, informed, keenly aware of our hopes. It was as if she absolutely understood what we wanted both for new upstairs partners and a final number. She was our eyes, ears and hearts. After just 9 days on the market, we received multiple offers over the asking price. We closed a month later and now have the best partners anyone could hope for. Julie Reber made it happen. I know when you meet her she's funny, energetic, beautiful, easy to be with, a great mom to her son Jupiter. What isn't as obvious is that she's a fantastic real estate agent... professional, personable, effective, disarmingly efficient and an absolute pleasure to work with. Now we thank Julie and enjoy our lives. "
    Nancy, Mullane, Maxson and Dennis Maxson

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