The age of Information!

by Julie Reber
Category:   Market Tracker

If you’re like the rest of us, constant access to information can be overwhelming. What do you do with all that info? How can you best apply what you know to how you live?  A recent survey was conducted regarding this exact question. The survey asked listeners to rate why and how they use the endless amount of information to which they have access and guess what, the number one reason was “to better themselves.”

What an inspiration!

What are you doing today to “better yourself?”

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  • "Julie has been great to work with. She is extremely personable and makes everybody around her feel comfortable and more relaxed, no matter how tense the situation may be. Julie is very knowledgeable, responsive and resourceful. As first-time home buyers we had a lot of all kinds of questions. Julie was very patient with us and either had the answer that we needed or knew somebody who had the right answer. It was invaluable to us that Julie was able to adjust her schedule quickly to meet our deadlines and we were able to close on the house in 25 days since the moment we saw the listing on-line. "
    Julia & Joel Satovsky